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As a composer and musician it is sometimes hard to remember how important it is to listen to music. I spend so much time writing, practising and playing that it can be difficult to make time for that all-important task (and pleasure!) In my studio I have a sheet pinned to the wall called ‘Listening […]

Progressive Rock – Dinosaur or Legend?

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(Image “Yes concert” by Rick Dikeman [CC BY-SA (]) I grew up in the 70’s when there were much fewer genres of popular  music than there are today. Pop was for the masses, then you had folk, jazz and rock for the more discerning listener while progressive rock was reserved for people with a taste for more complex and epic sounds, reminiscent of […]

A trip down memory lane – How did I get here?

model orchestra

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I’ve always been passionate about music. Since the earliest time I can remember, it was a vital part of my life. My father loved classical music and jazz and he had lots of great records that we often listened to as a family, both vinyl and 78’s. Some of my favourites were Stravinsky’s Rite Of […]