Enter a world of dreamy, atmospheric music and get a free download from a visionary composer whose music invites you on a rich and varied internal voyage

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“Mark DuBerry’s album … brings a breath of fresh air ..a good instrumental album which invites you on a voyage, exterior or interior and in time or space.” – Alex Willem, Prog Resiste

“It’s impossible not to be drawn into the message, and amazing to realise how much emotional information can be gleaned without lyrics to spell it out for us.” – Travis Dow, Indie-Music.com

“…has confirmed Mark DuBerry’s place as a strong, imaginative composer with a talent for catching and holding the listeners attention.” – Graham Thomas, CD Baby

Mark DuBerry is a Dublin based composer and songwriter blending orchestral music with the likes of jazz rock, electronic, prog rock and guitar based compositions. Drawing from influences as broad as Steve Reich, Stravinsky, Debussy and Ravel through Yes, the Pat Metheny Group, Mike Oldfield and Peter Gabriel, as one reviewer said: Mark’s music “bursts out with a clear vision” and he “crafts … music with a truly international flair”. If you enjoy music which combines several different genres into a unique and creative blend, then Mark DuBerry’s compositions will offer a rich and satisfying addition to your collection.

“Head Room rocks when it needs to, and creates contemplative moods when they’re called for.” (Travis Dow, IndieMusic). This music has a lush, vibrant and powerful sound and evokes a state of mind and an inner world full of archetypal images and themes. “That it does so in such an engaging and entertaining manner is a tribute to Mark DuBerry’s instrumental gifts.” (Travis Dow). As another reviewer on CD Baby put it “Often it is hard to put your finger on but the feelings that the music evokes need to be experienced.” (Graham Thomas).

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