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Practice makes perfect – or does it?

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Every musician has to practice their instrument(s). Some do so more than others. A lot of people play so many gigs or recitals etc. that this becomes their practice, to some extent anyway. However, at some point we all do need to improve or to maintain our technique and knowledge. I have developed a routine […]

Creative Process

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Writing and playing music is what I live for but there’s no doubt that composing can be a difficult and frustrating process at times. However I have come to understand that that is a part of it, the sense of frustration and feeling temporarily blocked. I’m sure that sometimes for most artists the ideas flow […]

Progressive Rock – Dinosaur or Legend?

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(Image “Yes concert” by Rick Dikeman [CC BY-SA (]) I grew up in the 70’s when there were much fewer genres of popular  music than there are today. Pop was for the masses, then you had folk, jazz and rock for the more discerning listener while progressive rock was reserved for people with a taste for more complex and epic sounds, reminiscent of […]

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