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Sharing the magic

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For quite a long time I have been solely working on my own material which I compose and record in my studio in Dublin. Just over a year ago I decided that I wanted to get out and play with other musicians again so I put some feelers out to see who might be interested […]

Constructive criticism

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“The Critic” by Dave Shafer ( Some years ago I was a member of an excellent music forum called Sonikmatter. It dealt mainly with the ins and outs of the music production software package that I use called Logic but it was also for all things to do with the writing, playing and recording of music. It is […]

Scales, scales, scales..

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I have been studying and practicing scales and modes for many years. On the guitar, it is no mean feat to master all the important scales needed for improvisation because you always have multiple alternatives for where to find the same scale on the fingerboard; a guitar’s fingerboard is laid out in such a way […]

More on Creative Process – Recording

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I have a love-hate relationship with the business of recording. On the one hand I love the sense of achievemnet and satisfaction as something begins to take shape and come together. It’s great to get a tangible result and to give form to your ideas. On the other hand it can be a slow and […]

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