Mark DuBerry is a composer and guitarist from Ireland. He trained initially as a classical guitarist and performed in various venues in and around Dublin for a number of years. He studied composition at the Royal Irish Academy of Music with the composer James Wilson and then went on to study jazz guitar and composition while living in London. During this time he played in various jazz ensembles including a big band for which he also composed a number of pieces which were performed on several occasions. After returning to Dublin some years later, he undertook the Guildhall School of Music jazz diploma course. He also played guitar in a Steely Dan tribute band and produced two CD’s of original music for guitar and electronics.

Mark has composed music and designed the sound for a number of theatre shows in Dublin, two of which were also performed in New York festivals. Mark then studied composition and orchestration with the Canadian film composer Alain Mayrand for 4 years. After that he produced an album of original orchestral music. Mark continues to compose and produce cross-genre music for orchestra, guitars and electronics. His main influences include modern classical composers, orchestral soundtrack, electroacoustic and electronic-ambient, both ’70’s and more recent progressive rock and jazz rock music. His goal is to release more albums and to have his music performed in a variety of contexts, including with his current alt/prog rock band.