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…Because as Travis Dow, a reviewer on said: “DuBerry is an artist with something to say and the skills to put it across”.


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As one reviewer on CD Baby put it, “Mark has a strong melodic sense, drawing from classical, jazz, folk, world music and atmospheric influences, and he’s enormously skilled at transitions – moving from one mood to a new one while carrying the listener with him effortlessly.” Another reviewer described him as “a strong, imaginative composer with a talent for catching and holding the listener’s attention.” His wide influences range from Stravinsky, Debussy and Ravel to John Adams, Steve Reich, Pat Metheny, Weather Report and the best of progressive rock bands, both old and new. If you like music that explores an eclectic, layered mix of different styles and atmospheres while also maintaining its own strong identity, then Mark DuBerry’s work belongs in your collection.

Islands Suite is an album of genre-defying music that combines thrilling orchestrations with guitar, rock and electronic elements. Be carried along in a lush, vibrant and powerful soundscape with music that has a rich ‘film-score’ feel and often evokes a dreamy, epic quality.

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